A Legend's Next Chapter

Original Saks, 1938

The elegant and iconic Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills opened in 1938, quickly becoming the epitome of style. Its architecture has stood the test of time, anchoring the commercial growth of Wilshire Boulevard and the Golden Triangle ever since.

Saks Fifth Ave
Old Saks Building

1939 expansion

The store was an immediate success. So much so that by 1939 it was clear that they needed to expand. This expansion was overseen by Paul R. Williams who extended the original elegance of design.


By the 1950s, the retail core of Beverly Hills was a vibrant stretch of Wilshire Boulevard that naturally fed into the heart of Beverly Hills, anticipating Rodeo Drive and the city’s reputation for luxury retail and service.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks Fifth Avenue


In 1994, Saks acquired the adjacent properties to the west and constructed the one-story shoe department, completing the store as we know it today.

The Next Chapter

Now Saks Fifth Avenue and HBC look to the future with the same dedication to quality and innovation that made this fabled brand an icon in retail and the life of Beverly Hills. The 9600 Wilshire project will unite several underused properties around Saks Fifth Avenue to create a model for living, working and luxury shopping. This holistic vision restores the classic exterior of Saks and moves these adjacent properties into a viable commercial and residential future.

Original Saks Beverly Hills

HBC hosted an introduction to the project at Saks Beverly Hills with a reception for over a hundred community members.