Project Overview


Anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, HBC is proposing a plan that balances the continued presence of Saks with the new retail environment. It adds much- needed new office space, the first luxury apartments built in more than a decade, a publicly accessible Terrace and redesigned sidewalks and streets to enhance the pedestrian experience.

9600 Wilshire Boulevard will be the most comprehensive investment in the rebirth of Beverly Hills’ retail, commercial and residential future in decades.

The project site lies between Wilshire Boulevard to the north, Bedford Drive to the west and Camden Drive to the east. In addition to rehabilitating the classic exterior of the Saks Fifth Avenue building and adaptive reuse of the existing structure, the project also includes luxury apartment buildings on the asphalt parking lots behind the original Saks and the Barneys buildings. Underutilized properties on Wilshire Boulevard will become Class-A office space in two architecturally appropriate buildings. The site is also an important point along the new Metro line. The Barneys building will be the new, redesigned home of Saks Beverly Hills’ womens store.